FIRST STAR DOWN is an upcoming point-and-click space adventure game developed and published by PROJECTaroid Games.  The game follows Natalie Haines on her first deep-space mission to help the Extra-Solar Research Unit investigate an anomalous signal, V-63, that was detected six months prior. 

The game will be released on Windows and Mac.  The game will be available on Steam, the Humble Store,, and many other retailers. 

The game is expected to release in the Winter of 2019. 


What type of Game is it?

A point-and-click game set in a sci-fi space setting. 

What is the game being made for?

 PC and Mac available on Steam, Humble Bundle, and

When's This Coming Out?

Winter 2019.

How much playtime in the game?

Average playtime is around 2 hours.  

How can I keep up to date on this?

Updates are posted on Twitter and Instagram 

Are there a lot of puzzles?

There are very few puzzles in this game.  The puzzles are interwove into  the story of the game.  Being part of the story is the main purpose of  the game. 

Natalie Haines, equipped with spacesuit.

Natalie Haines

Natalie is a researcher with the Extra-Solar Research Unit.  She has been working on distant communications technology that can reduce the transmission time for communications over the distance equivalence of light years.  Natalie has been recruited to the E-SRU Vessel Pathfinder to help the crew investigate the mysterious V-63 Signal.  



The Extra-Solar Research Vessel Pathfinder is one of the newest and fastest vessels in the E-SRU's fleet.  It is operated by up to 12 crew members and is equipped with the newest communication technologies.  The faster-than-light travel ability of the Pathfinder will be key to solving the mystery of the V-63 signal.